Why Our Client Chose An Eye-Catching Dark Marble Laminate For Their Living Room


We are excited to showcase this gorgeous light-meets-dark living room space.

Our client wanted a dark-toned marble design in their living room to contrast the white walls, so we made them a beautiful TV-unit space, cabinets, and a feature panel. We used NX8251 Marmo Carnico from our NX Luxedge collection. With 100 colour options for marble laminate, the choices are vast and your imagination can run wild. Our NX Luxedge range adds intricacy and character to a space.



Laminate products are durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Our client was happy that we could meet their design needs, budget, and supply the product within a short timeframe. The laminate was available and made to order within a week!
Our products can be customised to any thickness ranging from 3mm to 25mm, making it very easy to work with when it comes to a variety of projects. Thinner substrates are used for curved areas, and thicker substrates are used for a strong and substantial look. Additionally, laminate is durable and scratch resistant. It’s optimal for places with high traffic and cleaning is as easy as wiping it down, no special cleaning products are needed. 



This chic space was a residential project. However, marble laminate can be used in many settings, including in caravans. It can be laminated on a lightweight substrate in order to reduce the weight and keep the overall capacity of a caravan within its limit. We’re happy to provide lightweight solutions for the caravan industry with an extensive range of designs and colours. 

We love this stunning living room. Where can you incorporate marble laminate?