Create your perfect interior with NX collections, consisting of wide variety of exceptionally crafted, high quality decorative laminates and panels with solid colours, patterns and natural grains for extensive applications

Explore our NEW NX Infinite range that exudes elegance and panache.
Available in size 2400 x 1200mm or 3000 x 1200mm

Our NX Laminate range provides a wide variety of solid colours, woodgrains and patterns which are highly durable and resistant to UV, moisture and heat. Its extensive applications including wall panels, splashback, benchtops, and cabinetry.
Available in size 1220mm x 2440mm

Comes in wide range of grains and patterns, our NX Luxedge range is designed specifically for square edges, allowing you to create more modern look to your benchtops. NX Luxedge can also be used for splashbacks to complete the whole design of your interior
Available in size 1220mm x 2440mm.

NX Luxform is designed to realistically replicate the essences of materials such as stone, marble, concrete and metal. The flexibility of the laminate makes it perfect for post-forming and square edges, allowing you to create beautiful surfaces from kitchen benchtops and restaurant tables to the interior walls of recreational vehicles.
Available in size 1400mm x 3660mm

NX Melamine is created with strong surface that doesn’t absorb water. With its moisture-resistant technology, NX Melamine is the perfect cost-effective solution for cabinetry in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and many more.
Available with MDF substrate, in size 1830mm x 2440mm

Gloss finish that creates mirror-like appearance and highly reflective. It is also built with UV and colour change resistant technology. The applications include kitchen cabinets, doors and panels.
Available in size 1220mm x 2440mm in Plywood and MDF.

NX Supermatt +2 is the perfect material to create chic and contemporary look for your interior. Its smooth and untextured surface was created with anti-fingerprint technology, perfect for kitchen and vanity cabinets, doors, partitions and wall panels.
Available in size 1220mm x 2440mm in Plywood and MDF.

Designed to replicate natural wooden texture, our NX Synchronous range is the perfect substitute for real wood decoration. Each of the colour has the details of natural tactile quality of real wood. It is also very durable with scratch-resistant technology.
Available in size 1830mm x 2440mm