The Science of Laminates: Quality Matters with NX Decor

Laminate has become a staple in modern interior design, offering both aesthetic appeal and durability.  A versatile, budget-friendly alternative to traditional materials, laminate is a go-to choice for homeowners and business owners alike. More than just a decorative surface; this material is the result of a meticulous scientific process. 

Laminates are made from layers of cellulose fibrous material, typically paper, which are saturated with thermosetting resins. This mixture is then compressed under high pressure. The high-pressure environment enables the resins to flow and subsequently cure, creating a uniform, non-porous material that boasts the desired surface finish.

NX Decor Collections: A Closer Look

Choosing the right laminate goes beyond just the visual appeal. It’s about understanding the science behind the product. NX Decor’s laminates are crafted with precision, ensuring durability, safety and style. Whether it’s for a residential project or a commercial space, our diverse range of collections offers a laminate for every need. NX Decor offers a diverse range of laminate products, each with unique characteristics and applications. 

NX Infinite

NX Infinite is designed for versatility, combining durability with a seamless aesthetic. With Fingerprint resistance and micro scratch resistance, NX Infinite maintains its appearance and integrity when subjected to scratching or rubbing against other objects. Composed of 2D thermos formable foil, this laminate showcases remarkable designs and vibrant solid colours, achieved through advanced manufacturing techniques including cutting-edge pigmentation, printing, and embossing processes.

NX Laminate 

Known for its robustness, NX Laminate is highly durable and resistant to UV, moisture and heat, Available in plywood & MDF with various thicknesses and a choice of solid, pattern or woodgrain finishes, it’s perfect for wall panels, splashback, benchtops, and cabinetry. A high pressure decorative laminates (HPL) made according to the European Standard EN 438 and to ISO 4586, it is made up of layers of cellulose fibrous material saturated with thermosetting resins and compressed under high pressure for a durable, uniform, non-porous finish. 

NX Luxedge

NX Luxedge is designed specifically for square edges, offering a sleek finish to any space and allowing you to create a more modern look for your square edge benchtops and splashbacks. Another high pressure decorative laminate (HPL) made according to European Standards, our NX Luxedge range sports refined edges and a wide range of grains and patterns. NX Luxedge is also available in SuperMatt and Ultimatt finishes to suit your needs. 

NX Luxform

Designed to realistically replicate natural materials such as stone, marble, concrete and metal, NX Luxform is perfect for post-forming and square edges. Thinner and more flexible than conventional laminate, NX Luxform allows a certain degree of bending and while still providing durability and structural integrity overtime. From kitchen benchtops and restaurant tables to the interior walls of recreational vehicles, this is a great option for commercial laminate.

NX Melamine

With its moisture-resistant technology, NX Melamine is the perfect solution for kitchens and laundry cabinets, bathrooms and other surfaces that may come into contact with water. Produced by laminating wood panels with standardised melamine-impregnated paper using a Short Cycle Press machine, this laminate has a strong surface that is not only nonabsorbent, but resistant to micro-scratches.

NX Synchronous

The perfect substitute for real wood, each colour in the NX Synchronous range is designed to replicate the natural texture and appearance of real wood. Like NX Melamine, this laminate is made by laminating wood panels with standardised melamine-impregnated paper using a Short Cycle Press machine for superior durability. 

NX Supergloss and NX SuperMatt +2

These acrylic laminates are highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of uses, such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, wall panels, furniture and beyond. Constructed using a multi-layer process, a high-quality acrylic resin is applied to a durable substrate, ensuring both strength and a sleek appearance. As the name suggests, NX SuperGloss provides a super reflective, high-gloss finish, ideal for contemporary spaces. For those preferring a matte finish, this collection offers a chic, glare-free surface, which is super resistant to fingerprints. 

Looking for High-Quality Laminate? Discover the Difference with NX Decor

Laminates aren’t just decorative surfaces, they are an intricate scientific process – a blend of form and function. Not all laminates are made equal, so when it comes to choosing laminate, you need to do your homework. Choosing NX Decor means investing in a product that is not only visually appealing but is also durable, safe, stylish and sustainable. Whether you’re decorating a residential or commercial space, NX Decor’s laminates stand as a testament to the power of quality craftsmanship. 

Ready to explore the world of laminate? The perfect blend of science and style, we invite you to explore our innovative collections and discover the NX Decor difference.