NX Decor’s Harmonious Fusion in Kew, Victoria

Nestled among Melbourne’s historical leafy streets, Kew is home to many residences that speak volumes of the capital’s rich past. With a blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy, Kew has consistently held its reputation as a prime example of Melbourne’s finest living and unmatched taste.

Kew is also where NX Decor was part of a renovation to a classic home in need of an update.

The new homeowners, having seen the potential in their purchase, envisioned a space that effortlessly blended contemporary design with functionality and durability. Their aspirations were crystal clear: a modern home that still resonated with the warmth and comfort of time-tested designs.

Tasked with this challenge, the homeowners turned to one of the rapidly emerging trends in home design: laminate. While traditionally, luxury aesthetics might demand materials that come with a hefty price tag, the evolving world of interior design has found a sweet spot in laminates. Without compromising on style, laminates offer the twin benefits of durability and cost-effectiveness, and the world of design is evolving to embrace smart, sustainable solutions, and the range of infinite style choices laminates have to offer.


To cater to the unique design elements of the house, like its soaring ceilings, NX Decor meticulously chose substrates of different thicknesses and lengths. From sturdy boards adept for shelves to extended ones ideal for end panels, the offerings spanned an impressive range, each imbued with distinctive colours fitting their application.

Informed Selection

With expert recommendations from interior designers and architects, the homeowner arrived at the final colour palette for the laminates.

Natural Essence in Modern Design

Natural Essence in Modern Design

A significant aspect of the renovation was the interplay of wood colours, chosen to infuse the home with a sense of organic warmth. These wood tones, synonymous with tranquillity and comfort, brought forward a serene ambiance. Coupled with the sleek, modern designs, the home became a sanctuary where rustic charm meets contemporary elegance. The result was a harmonious space that feels both up-to-date and timeless, offering residents a calm retreat from the outside world.

Transformative Areas

Laminate’s capabilities shone brightest in the kitchen, with the cabinets being the primary beneficiaries, tying together the modern and natural themes seamlessly.

Client Insights

The homeowner was particularly taken with the NX2204. Its feel and the resemblance to real-wood veneer, without demanding the usual upkeep, was a winning feature.

Eco-centric Approach

Eco-centric Approach

NX Decor ensures the environmental footprint is minimal. Every material, every product is eco-friendly and sourced with sustainability in mind.

The Final Word

Balancing budget with the owner’s design aspirations, NX Decor converted an old Kew residence into a contemporary and functional haven drenched in natural warmth with a contemporary lasting finish.