Laminate Cupboards

Intricate details and high-quality textures pave the way for true innovation in laminate cupboard design. Challenge your conceptions of what’s possible with laminate cupboards with NX’s range of professional-grade laminate sheets and panels. Our unique range of colours is designed specifically to push your designs to their maximum potential and give you a creative edge. View our range of laminates online and start designing, creating and innovating today.

A Curated Collection of Laminates

Each of our laminate collections is carefully curated to ensure the best possible results no matter which you choose. With each collection boasting different features, you can fine-tune your designs and achieve results beyond what many laminates are capable of.

laminate cupboards nx decor

NX Laminate

Our standard of quality, you can’t go wrong with NX Laminate. Available in both panel and sheet, it’s perfect for quickly and effectively creating impressive laminate cupboards.
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NX Supermatt+2

Designed to create stunning clean surfaces, NX Supermatt+2 is low reflective and highly fingerprint-resistant. It makes laminate cupboards very easy to clean, perfect for kitchen use.
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best laminate cupboards nx decor

NX Supergloss

For a premium finish that exudes elegance, choose NX Supergloss. With a wide range of patterns and a sleek finish, it’s the perfect finish for elegant, modern kitchen interior design.
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best nx decor laminate cupboards

NX Melamine

Available in both MCF and MF-MDF panels, NX Melamine is durable and hard-wearing, while also being incredibly cost-effective. Order to effortlessly create stunning cupboards.
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the best laminate cupboards nx decor

NX Synchronous

NX Synchronous recreates the texture and feel of natural wooden surfaces with surprising depth and accuracy. It’s the touch of nature your home design has been craving.
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Laminate Custom Made Kitchens

Whether you’re a builder, renovator, interior designer, or architect, NX laminates put the power to create custom kitchens in your hands. With a wide range of unique and detailed patterns and textures available, you can craft laminate cupboards exactly the way you’re envisioning. Each one of our collections features laminates with different designs and properties. Choose laminate panels for easy cabinet creation, or order laminate sheets for complete custom cabinets. Regardless of your decision, NX laminates will give you impressive results.

the best nx decor laminate cupboards
laminate cupboards nx decors

Why Laminate Cupboards?

These days the kitchen isn’t just for cooking. It’s a busy hub of family activity where memories are made. With all this busyness, you need a kitchen that’s going to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. Our modern laminates are designed to be durable, using high-quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes to ensure they can withstand the stress of daily life. They’re also moisture and heat resistant, making them perfect for cupboards not just in kitchens, but bathrooms and laundries as well.

Professional Grade Laminate Cupboards

The best designs demand the best laminates. NX laminates are supplied by leading international manufacturers, chosen specifically for their consistency in quality. All our laminates are checked to ensure the quality is up to our client’s standards and will look incredible for years to come. If you have any questions about our laminates, discuss your needs with our team today and we’ll be able to help you. With years of experience behind us, we’re passionate about laminates. We can provide you with the information you need to get the results you’re looking for. View our range online and call us or contact us at [email protected] to order.