Benchtop Laminate

NX designer benchtop laminates are created with imagination and innovation in mind, delivering a range of unique styles and finishes you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a designer, a manufacturer, or a builder, NX’s range of laminate sheets for benchtops has something to take your bench to the next level.

Our Range of Benchtop Laminate

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NX Laminate

NX Laminate benchtops can instantly transform a space, with designs replicating the look and feel of wood, stone, metal and more. Perfect for square edge benchtops. Available in laminate sheets or as MDF panels.
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NX Luxedge

Add detail and character to a space with the eye-catching textured designs and colours of NX Luxedge. Ideal for square edge benchtops. Available as laminate sheets.
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NX Luxform

Bring the essence of stone, concrete or marble into your design with NX Luxform, our laminate sheet designed specifically to deliver incredible results when post forming. Can also be used for square edge designs.
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The World’s Colours Brought to You

Benchtops are a defining feature of any room, making a grand statement regardless of whether you’re in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the entertaining area. They can make or break a design, so having a benchtop that complements that design is incredibly important. NX’s laminate benchtop range has options for every aesthetic, ranging from natural materials like stone, wood, and metal, to modern patterns such as concrete, marble and solid colours. Modern manufacturing techniques have given us a laminate that is not only incredibly durable and moisture and heat resistant, but looks incredible regardless of the pattern you choose. If you’re looking for a benchtop laminate that will consistently deliver stunning results with deep colours and crystal clear patterns, choose NX.

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Australian Laminate Sheets for Benchtops

NX is an Australian based laminate supplier, providing high-quality laminate solutions for designers, manufacturers, builders and individuals. Our laminate sheets are specifically designed to help you break out of creative constraints, offering fresh designs and innovative products with limitless potential. If you’re searching for a specific kind of laminate or design, or need to order in bulk for a project, discuss your needs with our team today. Call now on +613 9357 0934 for more information or ordering, or enquire online.