Wood Look Laminate

Combining the best parts of natural beauty and modern design, NX wood look laminate provides a range of incredible woodgrain and timber patterns that will push your imagination to its limits. With the tasteful modern aesthetic of wood and the hardwearing, moisture and heat resistant properties of laminate, you can transform, create and innovate easier than ever before. Our range of natural, authentic timber laminates is perfect for any project.

Wood Without The Downsides

While wood is an incredible material in and of itself, it may not be suitable for all applications. Where raw wood falls short, in situations where it is exposed to water and heat, facing extreme wear and tear, or needs regular cleaning, laminate excels. Our range of laminates is designed and manufactured using the latest technology, building on the visuals of wood with all the benefits of high-quality laminate. With several collections to choose from, including NX Melamine, NX Laminate, NX Supergloss, and NX Synchronous, you can choose the properties you want for the perfect end result.

wood look laminate nx decor

NX Laminate

Designed to replicate the natural look and feel of different woodgrains, our NX Laminate collection is ideal for transforming any space quickly with stunning results. Available as sheets or as panels.
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nx decor wood look laminate

NX Supergloss

For a more stylistic end result, NX Supergloss is always an excellent choice. Designed to be elegant, these laminates provide a wooden look in a glossy finish. Available as plywood panels.
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best wood look laminate nx decor

NX Melamine

Effortlessly create eye-catching designs with durable, high-quality with the MFC and MDF panels in our NX Melamine collection. Cost-effective, highly durable, and available in a natural, authentic timber finish.
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best nx decor wood look laminate

NX Synchronous

Created using the very latest in design and manufacturing techniques, NX Synchronous delivers our most realistic finish yet. Experience deep woodgrain textures like nothing seen before.
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Get The Laminates You Need

For years NX has been serving Australian manufacturers, designers, architects and builders, providing unique, high-quality laminates at competitive prices. We set out to change the way you think about laminates, expanding the realm of design to push your creativity and imagination to its limits. With NX wood look laminate, you can take control of your project, achieving the best possible result with no extra effort. View our range of laminates online and contact us today to order.