Oak Laminate

Oak laminate is the pinnacle of modern living. Detailed designs with accurate, true-to-life colours give the impression of real oak without the cost to your wallet or the environment. Whether you’re an interior designer, manufacturer, or builder, NX’s range of laminates will push your creativity to its limits and bring ideas to life. View our oak laminate collections online and discover popular timber and oak looks for your next project.

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High-Quality Oak Laminates

In the past, laminates were known as a cheap alternative to real flooring and bench materials like wood and stone. Not anymore. Modern manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials have allowed us to create incredible, life-like laminates without compromising on cost. Now you can get a scratch-resistant, hard-wearing, heat and moisture resistant surface without damaging your budget. All our laminates come from leading international suppliers and go through a series of tests to ensure quality.

A Curated Range of Oak Laminates

Depending on the style you’re aiming for there may be oak laminates better suited than others to your needs. Our range is curated to maintain consistency and quality and separated into several collections, each with different properties. While some replicate the real-world feel and appearance of the oaks they’re based on, others take a stylistic approach, giving you a matte or modern and glossy finish. If you can’t decide based on images online, visit our showroom in Melbourne for a hands-on approach with our range. Our team can also help you decide on which laminate would be best for your needs.

Easy To Clean, Tough to Damage

Oak laminate makes a fantastic alternative to real oak. It’s highly durable without requiring sealing and features a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Our modern laminates have been known to retain their colour, remaining fade resistant for years and years. Whether you’re manufacturing cabinets, creating laminate benches or splashbacks, or creating a set of laminate cabinets, our oak laminates will look incredible now and for years to come. Order laminate with NX and bring the incredible depth and tone of real oak laminate into your designs today.

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Australian Owned, Melbourne Based

For years, NX has been providing high-quality laminates for designers, architects, builders, cabinet makers, shopfitters and more, all across the country. Based in Melbourne, we can deliver Australia-wide, getting you the laminates you need ready to create. When choosing the laminate you want, make sure to check if it’s available in the format you need. Our laminates are available in sheet, plywood or MDF panel, though not all laminates are available in each format. For more information on our products or to order call us or contact us at [email protected]