Laminates for Kitchen

NX kitchen laminates bring the future of design into the present. Unique designs inspired by natural and man-made materials bring out the best of your designs, pushing creativity to the limits and putting control back in your hands. Whether you’re creating a benchtop, splashback, cabinets or a complete interior kitchen design, you can rely on NX laminates for kitchen to deliver incredible results. View our range of laminate sheets and panels online.

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Laminate Panels and Sheets for Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen laminates, choosing the right one is the cornerstone of a great design. Sorted by collection, our laminates come in both panel and sheet form, giving you the flexibility to choose the material that’s right for your project. All our laminates and panels, both MDF and plywood, are made from high-quality materials by leading manufacturers to ensure the best possible results. They boast superior moisture and heat resistance, deep and accurate colours, and incredible durability, ensuring they can look incredible through the wear and tear of daily life. If you’re looking for a specific laminate design on a panel of your choice our team can provide the support you need. Discuss your needs with us today.

Colours for Kitchen Cabinets Range

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NX Laminate

nx decor laminate for kitchen

NX Luxedge

best laminate for kitchen nx decor

NX Luxform

best nx decor laminate for kitchen

NX Synchronous

the best laminate for kitchen nx decor

NX Melamine

the best nx decor laminate for kitchen

NX SuperGloss

laminate for kitchen nx decors

NX SuperMatt+2

Why Choose Laminate for Your Kitchen?

Recently, laminate has become increasingly popular as a material for kitchen design. Modern manufacturing techniques have made laminate sheets and panels affordable without sacrificing quality. Additionally, the flexibility and versatility of laminate lets you shape it the way you need it, cutting, post-forming and more to achieve perfect results. With it, you can add a splash of colour to a room or change your interior design completely, with far less effort than alternatives.

nx decor laminate for kitchens
best laminate for kitchen nx decors

Your Designs Brought to Life

NX’s range of laminate designs takes kitchen laminates to the next level, with rich, deep colours and detailed patterns allowing realistic laminate recreations of materials like concrete, stone, marble, and wood. Our designs are unique and are guaranteed to push your design skills beyond what you thought was possible. Additionally, with a range of finishes, including Supermatt+2 and Supergloss, you can tailor your designs right down to the finest of details.

Find Your Kitchen Laminate Online

Whether you’re an interior designer, architect, cabinetmaker, or a manufacturer yourself, there’s something for you in our range. Find the laminate you need to craft the perfect interior or take your bench and cabinet designs to the next level in one of our seven collections. If you’d like to place an order or need more information on our products, contact us today on +613 9357 0934 or enquire online. Our team is always happy to assist.