Laminate Wall Panels

NX laminate wall panels challenge the concept of design and push your imagination to its limits. With intelligently designed panels and unique designs drawing inspiration from the beauty of natural and man-made materials, NX wall panels can bring out the maximum potential of your designs. View our collection online and contact us today to order.

MDF and Plywood Laminate Wall Panels

Our laminate wall panels are designed with your needs in mind, giving you the flexibility to innovate without the restrictions and limitations of traditional materials like concrete, stone, and wood. NX laminate wall panels are easy to use, highly water and heat resistant, and incredibly durable. As an Australian based company, we source our laminates and panels from leading international manufacturers. If you’re looking for a specific laminate in our collection on a panel for a project, talk to our team and we may be able to help. Call now to discuss your needs with us.

nx decor laminate countertops

Laminate Wall Panels for Bathrooms

NX laminates are designed to be durable and highly moisture-resistant, making them excellent for use in bathrooms. Standing above the rest is NX Melamine, with higher moisture resistance than the rest of our collection. You can also achieve excellent results with the rest of our laminate collection. Click here to learn more about  laminate wall panels for bathrooms.

Australian Laminate Supplier

For more than a decade NX and our parent company Urban Republic have been dedicated to providing Australian designers, manufacturers, architects, cabinetmakers and more with unique and innovative laminate panels. Sourcing our panels and laminates from leading manufacturers allows us to maintain a high level of quality. We aim to put control in your hands, giving you the tools and materials to stretch creativity and innovate to the best of your abilities. If you need to order laminate wall panels for a project or need more information, call us today on +613 9357 0934 or enquire online.