Laminate Wall Panels for Bathrooms

Breathe nature and adventure into your bathroom design with NX’s range of laminate wall panels for bathrooms. Our curated collection brings the best of laminate design into your reach, with unique patterns and finishes that will stretch your imagination and push your creativity to its limits. View our range online and discover the power of NX bathroom laminates.


Incredible Laminate Designs

Our range of laminates is designed to put the power to create back in your hands. Where laminates were tacky alternatives to traditional building materials, modern design and manufacturing techniques have given way to an incredible array of features, such as enhanced durability, heat and moisture resistance, and detailed, deep colour designs that perfectly complement modern interior design aesthetics.

Why Use Laminate Wall Panels for Bathrooms?

Our laminate wall panels have excellent moisture resistant properties. Precision cut panels allow seamless finishes, each panel fitting cleanly into the next. With NX panels you can easily and effectively create stunning backdrops for a bathroom, installing as you build or placing over existing walls to quickly refresh the visual style.

the best nx decor laminate wall panel bathroom

Call NX Laminate Experts

Whether you’re a designer, architect, builder, or renovator, NX Laminate panels will give you the results you’re dreaming of. Designed and manufactured by leading international laminate producers and curated by our team, we deliver laminate sheets and panels Australia wide. If you’re searching for the perfect laminate, discuss your needs with our team today. We can provide you with additional information and help you find what you’re looking for. Contact us today to order, or visit our showroom in Melbourne.