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With beautifully curated panels and laminates, explore how NX brings your imagination and creativity to life.


With a wide range of collections, NX gives you an endless freedom to play around with decorative surfaces.
From wall panels, cabinetry to splashback and benchtop applications, the option is limitless.

Laminate Suppliers

Expand your imagination and take your designs to new heights with NX’s expansive range of unique and immersive panels and laminates. We set out to transform the way people think about interior design, expanding the concept to include every surface in a room. If you’re searching for a new approach to design, you’re in the right place. Each of our laminate and panel collections presents themselves as an avenue for opportunity, offering different usage and design options. View each collection for inspiration and find the perfect surface for your next project.

Nature’s Beauty Captured

We’ve captured nature’s unique designs in easy to use laminate sheets and panels. Apply the natural beauty of stone and wood to furniture, walls, cabinets, benches and more, or opt for something slightly more close to home with our range of marble, concrete, metallic, and other patterned designs. With more than 180 colours, patterns and designs to choose from (and counting), we aim to help you push the boundaries of design and achieve never before seen results. Many of our designs are inspired by European and Scandinavian colour and design, lending a modern feel that blends perfectly with modern interior design trends.

best laminate suppliers nx decor
best nx decor laminate suppliers

Laminated Sheets and Laminated Panels

Our laminates are available in sheet or board form, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that meets your project’s needs. Choose from either MDF or Plywood laminate panelling, or opt for laminate sheet and apply it yourself for finely tailored results. Our laminates are designed to be durable and moisture resistant, ensuring consistently great results. If you’re looking for one of our designs in a specific format, discuss your needs with our team today.

Proudly Australian Laminate Suppliers

We’re putting Australian laminate suppliers on the map, providing manufacturers, cabinetmakers, designers and shopfitters across the country with eye-catching laminate designs. If you’re looking for a specific kind of laminate or that perfect design, talk to an expert today for professional advice.