Laminate Splashback

A well-designed splashback can take your kitchen or bathroom design from great to incredible. NX Laminates allow you to channel imagination and round off interior design with a splashback that either matches the colours and patterns of the room, or contrasts and compliments to create a visual experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Additionally, with superior durability and heat and moisture resistance, you can rely on NX laminate splashback materials to deliver the results you need. View our range online and discuss your needs with our team to order.

Innovation Defined

Take control of your designs and put creativity in the driver’s seat with NX laminate sheets. Our laminate collections feature unique designs, giving you the power to innovate and create without limits.

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NX Laminate

Designed to replicated natural and man-made material like woodgrain and concrete down to the feel, NX Laminate sheets are ideal for modern and industrial design. This collection also features a selection of tasteful solid colours.
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NX Luxedge

With delicate stone and concrete patterns, solid colours, and woodgrain to choose from, our NX Luxedge collection puts control of a space in your hands. Change a space subtly or dramatically depending on your choice of laminate sheet.
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NX Luxform

Built on a flexible foil base, NX Luxform is excellent for post-forming or square edge applications. With designs that realistically replicate the patterns and feelings evoked by concretes, stones and marble, NX Luxform allows you to easily create beautiful spaces.
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Easily Create the Perfect Splashback

There are two types of laminate splashback; sheet and board. NX specialises in laminate sheets for splashbacks, offering a range of laminate sheets specifically designed for applications like splashbacks. NX’s laminate splashback is easy to cut and install, making it perfect for installing directly onto walls or onto a panel. Manufactured without joins or breaks, using laminate sheets you can easily create a seamless splashback with no room for liquid to damage the surface behind it. All NX laminate splashback sheets are manufactured using high-quality materials, making them moisture and heat resistant as well as highly durable.

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Order Laminate Splashback Sheet Today

Australian owned with products created by leading manufacturers, NX is your leading name in laminate design. Forget waiting for that perfect laminate design. Seek it out yourself and bring your imagination to life with our range of designer laminates. If you need to order in bulk or you’re looking for more information on our products, our team is available and ready to help. Discuss your needs with us today when you call +613 9357 0934