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Experience the new wave of design with NX laminate sheets. Unique Patterns. Durable Laminates. Stunning Colours.
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NX Laminate

Our gold standard for laminate sheet, NX Laminate is designed to transform any space into an interior designer’s dream. This collection replicates a range of natural and man-made textures, including concrete, woodgrain, suede and more. Using modern manufacturing processes we’re able to achieve a finish that looks and feels just like the real material.
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NX Luxform

Infuse the essence of industrial and modern design into your projects with NX Luxform, a laminate designed to realistically recreate the look and feel of stone, concrete and metal in laminate form. It’s incredibly versatile and flexible, making it ideal for post-forming, square edges and laminating surfaces such as benches and walls.
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NX Luxedge

When the details matter, NX Luxedge will give you the results you’re seeking. Used right the subtly detailed laminates in our collection can be used to achieve impressive results. Add a touch of character into a blank space or cover walls and benches to create stunning interior designs. The power is in your hands.
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Laminate Reimagined

NX laminate sheets were created for designers, by designers. We wanted to give architects, designers, manufacturers, builders, and specialists the tools they needed to bring their designs to the next level or even edge out the competition. As well as being durable and moisture and heat resistant, our collection features a broad range of unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. You can view our designs and laminate sheet options online to compare your options and find the perfect fit for your next project. Alternatively, if you’re looking for that perfect laminate or want more information on our products, our team of laminate experts are on call and ready to help.

best nx decor laminate sheet for cabinets

Premium Laminate Sheets

NX laminate sheets are designed to bring your designs to their maximum potential, whether that’s through quality of construction or quality of design. All our laminates are manufactured using the highest quality materials, achieving a finish that will display intricate details no matter where they’re used. As a leading Australian supplier of wall laminate sheets, we’re passionate about providing a product that will deliver incredible results no matter your application. View our range online today or visit our showroom for a hands-on laminate sheet experience. To order, send us an enquiry or call us today on +613 9357 0934.