Laminate Sheets for Cabinets

When you’re at the peak of your craft, the only thing that separates the good from the best is the materials you use. NX Laminate sheets for cabinets and cabinetry are designed to push your projects above and beyond. The manifestation of years of laminate design and research, our laminate sheets feature unique designs and can deliver consistently stunning results. Whatever project you’re working on, whether a kitchen cabinet, a wardrobe, interior panels or benchtops, NX’s innovative range of durable and versatile laminates delivers impressive results.

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laminate sheets for cabinets nx decor

NX Laminate

Transform any cabinet with laminate sheets from our NX Laminate collection. Inspired by a range of natural and man-made materials, including concrete and stone, woodgrain, and solid modern colours, these laminates will push your creativity to its limits.
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nx decor laminate sheets for cabinets

NX Luxedge

If you’re looking to add subtle flair and character to a space, choose NX Luxedge. It’s perfect for making bland spaces interesting and memorable without overwhelming the senses. Whether you’re crafting cabinets, or a benchtop or splashback, you can’t go wrong with Luxedge.
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Effortlessly Incredible Results

When applied, NX’s laminate sheets for cabinets can change the look and feel of your work dramatically. Highly durable, resistant to heat and moisture, and impressive details allow NX laminates to deliver the best laminate sheets have to offer. We deliver Australia wide, sending laminate sheets for cabinets directly to you, ready for installation or application. With proper application, NX laminates can instantly transform any project, matching it to existing interior design or creating something truly unique.

best nx decor laminate sheets for cabinets
the best nx decor laminate sheets for cabinets

High-Quality Laminates

NX laminate sheets for cabinets are specifically designed to deliver incredible results, both now and in the future. Produced by leading laminate manufacturers both local and international, we employ a strict quality control process that ensures all our laminates are heat and moisture resistant, UV and fade resistant, and incredibly durable, ready to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. You can rely on NX laminates to deliver the results you’d expect from a high-quality laminate.

Laminate Sheets and Boards

If you’re looking to make manufacturing one step easier, several of our collections are available on plywood or MDF board, eliminating the need to apply lamination. If you’re looking for a specific type of laminate for a project or need more information on any of our projects, discuss your needs with our team today. Based right here in Melbourne, we have laminate experts on call and ready to help when you need it. Alternatively, visit our showroom for a hands-on experience with our exclusive range of laminates. Call us now on +613 9357 0934 or enquire online.