Laminate Panels

NX laminate panels allow you to bring your imagination to life through innovative and versatile designs. Our curated collection was designed specifically for the manufacturers and designers who are looking for more, something beyond the current offering. Browse our range online today or discuss your needs with our team and we’ll help you order the perfect laminate panel.

Choose an NX Laminated Panel

laminate panels nx decor

NX Synchronous

NX Synchronous uses new technology and manufacturing processes to deliver a wood-like finish that is rich, deep and detailed. Available in MDF board.
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NX Melamine

Create impressive cabinetry solutions with NX Melamine, our collection of plain patterns and textured designs on MFC and MF-MDF panels. Cost-effective, versatile and impressive.
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NX Supermatt+2

Supermatt follows its name, delivering a low-reflective surface that is impervious to fingerprints and resistant to heat and moisture. Available in MDF and Plywood panels.
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best nx decor laminate panels

NX Supergloss

The opposite of Supermatt+2, Supergloss is designed to achieve a luxury aesthetic with nothing held back. Its glossy finish makes it super durable and aesthetically clean. Available in MDF and Plywood panels.
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the best laminate panels nx decor

NX Laminate

The baseline for high-quality laminate, NX Laminate was designed to deliver impressive results regardless of your application. Available on plywood or MDF or as laminate sheet.
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All our panels are available in 1220mm x 2440, except for NX Melamine (1830 x 2440).

Modern Design Reimagined

From the start NX set out to revolutionise the way you use laminate panels. Our panels are created with the modern designer in mind, giving you the tools you need to take your creation to the next level. This means unique colours, patterns and textures, high-quality laminates, and durable, versatile panels. With NX you have access to design options that can’t be found elsewhere, giving you the opportunity to innovate with laminate and create what you’re imagining without limits.

the best nx decor laminate panels

Get The Laminate Panels You Need

For years NX has been pioneering decorative surfaces and laminated panel technology for residential and commercial projects. We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality laminate panels and other laminate products, with new designs consistently being added to our range. If you’re looking for a specific style of laminate panel or you’re ordering in bulk, discuss your needs with our team today and we can point you on the right track. Call now on +613 9357 0934 to enquire or order, or contact us at [email protected].