Laminate Countertops

The future of countertops is here. Gone are the days of expensive stone counters, fragile wooden benches, and tacky laminate surfaces. NX Laminate countertops are the latest in laminate designs, bringing detailed natural and man-made patterns and colours to life in laminate form. Using high-quality materials, NX laminates are designed to deliver stunning aesthetics while remaining durable, hard-wearing, and heat and moisture resistant. Choose a laminate panel for easy countertop creation or form-fit laminate to your existing countertop for clean results.

High-Quality Laminates For All Countertops

Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer, builder, or architect, our range has something for you. Our laminates draw inspiration from the world around, bringing the best of man-made and natural materials into your designs. Modern manufacturing techniques allow us to recreate the look and feel of materials such as concrete, stone, marble, wood and more, creating realistic countertops and surfaces without the cost of traditional countertop materials. Wherever you’re using our laminates, you can be sure they’ll deliver incredible results, pushing your designs to their maximum potential. View our range online and let it inspire your next project.

nx decor laminate countertops

NX Laminate

NX Laminate is our standard laminate, available in both sheet and panel. It’s designed to replicate the look and feel of the materials they’re inspired by as closely as possible. Used correctly it can transform a countertop and the feel of a room completely.
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best laminate countertops nx decor

NX Luxedge

The impressive colours and textures of NX Luxedge are ideal for square edge benchtops, creating a form-fitting result with no loss of detail. Available in a wide range of innovative patterns, solid colours, and finishes.
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best nx decor laminate countertops

NX Luxform

If you’re planning on post-forming, NX Luxform is our best available option. Available as a laminate sheet, its clean creation allows it to bring the essence of the materials it embodies into your designs. It can also be used for square edge benchtops.
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Why You Should Try Laminate Countertops

Laminate has come along way since its invention in the ’50s. Since then manufacturing processes have been improved tenfold, paving the way to more durable laminate materials, more detailed patterns, and easier application processes. Whether you’re a professional or “doing it yourself”, it’s not difficult to install and is guaranteed to give you great results. While laminate won’t give you results as long-lasting as stone, marble or similar materials, it is far cheaper and far easier to replace should you choose to in the future. Quickly transform an old, dated design into something modern and chic with our range of stylish laminate designs.

the best laminate countertops nx decor

Based In Australia

NX is based right here in Melbourne, where we have a showroom and warehouse. We have been providing laminates for businesses and individuals across the country for years, helping you get the laminate you need delivered. If you need laminates for your next project, whether that’s laminate countertops, benches, cupboards, or even flooring and walls, we can deliver it to you. View our range online today and call us or contact us at [email protected] to order.