Laminate Colours for Kitchen Cabinets

NX’s range of laminate colours for kitchen cabinets can help you design a kitchen that is modern and timeless. We set out to transform the way you think about laminates, giving you the tools you need to create without limits. With a wide range of unique colours spanning 7 laminate collections, each with their own unique characteristics, you can craft your kitchen cabinets exactly the way you’re envisioning them. If you’re a designer, manufacturer, architect, or builder, browse our range of innovative laminate colours online and order with us today.

Colours for Kitchen Cabinets Range

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NX Melamine

the best laminate colours kitchen cabinets nx decor

NX SuperGloss

the best nx decor laminate colours kitchen cabinets

NX SuperMatt+2

laminate colours kitchen cabinets nx decor

NX Synchronous

nx decor concrete look laminate

NX Luxedge

Not Just Solid Laminate Colours

As well as solid laminates we have a wide range of laminates designed around natural and man made textures, including wood, metal, stone, concrete, and more. Bring nature’s beauty into your kitchen design, or change the feel of the room completely with unique patterns and designs from leading international manufacturers.

How Do I Choose The Right Kitchen Laminate Colour?

Choosing the right laminate colour for your needs comes down to a range of different factors. Firstly, are you creating from scratch or matching the existing interior design? Second, What other materials are you working with? And lastly, what result are you hoping to achieve? Depending on your answers to these questions you could be looking at a range of different laminate products, colours, and even finishes.

While neutral colours and shades of white and grey are a safe bet, providing a neutral background for objects and furniture, modern design is leaning more and more towards tasteful colour matching, adding flair and movement to a space with carefully placed colours. Our range includes a range of more subtle colours, as well as brighter and textured finishes that will stand out in a space. A combination of both can help you achieve a look that is measured while still adding a bit of excitement to an otherwise flat space.
You can view our entire range of laminates online, or talk to our team and we’ll be happy to help you find the one that’s right for your needs.

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Get High Quality Laminates Today

NX Laminates are designed to help you reach the pinnacle of your creativity and push your designs to their limits. Designed with real world applications in mind, our laminates are durable, hard-wearing, heat and moisture resistant, and come in a range of options including laminate sheet, plywood panels, and MDF panels. If you’re looking for a specific type of laminate for your kitchen cabinets, browse our range online or talk or to our team for more information.