Concrete Look Laminate

The cool, modern, minimalist aesthetic concrete brings to the table is loved by designers worldwide. However, due to its limitations, many couldn’t take advantage of its beauty for their interior designs. Until now. NX concrete look laminate brings you the beauty of concrete without the limitations of the medium. Create stunning backdrops in your home easily and affordably, while still achieving incredible results. If you’re searching for the next evolution in interior design, this is it. View our range of concrete look laminate online today.

Feels Like Concrete, Performs Like Laminate

With modern techniques and high-quality materials we can create laminates that replicate the look and feel of concrete without limitations such as weight, flexibility, or shape. Our laminates are made by leading international manufacturers using the latest in laminate manufacturing technology. As a result, they’re incredibly hard-wearing, as well as moisture and heat resistant, making them perfect for flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and more. And unlike concrete, laminate won’t hold the cold, allowing you to bring the look and feel of concrete into your designs without sacrificing insulation. When it comes to laminates, our designs are unique, giving you the push you need to expand your creativity to its limits and achieve never before seen results.

concrete look laminate nx decor

NX Laminate

The perfect base for any project, NX Laminate will deliver stunning results without venturing too far into the unknown. Designed to replicate the look and feel of various materials, it’s the perfect starting point. Available in both sheet and panel form.
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NX Luxform

Specifically designed to replicate the core essence of materials like concrete, NX Luxform is great for walls and benchtops. With flexible foil it is excellent for post-forming and square edges, achieving clean results with little effort.
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NX Luxedge

Perfect for splashbacks and square-edge benchtops, this laminate is excellent at adding character and detail to a space without overwhelming the design. This collection features a range of concrete-like designs, a balance between clean patterns and raw concrete.
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Choose NX Laminates for Your Next Project

Achieving incredible results has never been easier. NX’s range of high-quality laminates can help you make the most of the space available, allowing you to quickly and cleanly create concrete-look surfaces. With the right tools at your disposal, you can push yourself and your projects to their best. If you need concrete look laminate for interior design, manufacturing, architecture or a personal project, we can provide you with what you need. Based in Melbourne, we ship Australia-wide. View our range online today, or call or contact us at [email protected] to order.

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