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Change the way you think about caravan panelling with NX’s range of unique laminated caravan interior wall panels. With a wide range of unique designs to choose from you can transform the interior of a caravan from a room on wheels to a true home away from home. As leading caravan panelling suppliers, NX produces laminate plywood panels that are durable, heat and moisture resistant, and come in a range of finishes that allow you to achieve the results you’re after easily. If you’re searching for a specific style, discuss your needs with our team today to order.

Modern Design x Industrial Strength

NX laminated caravan wall panels are designed with your needs in mind as a manufacturer. As well as being heat and moisture resistant, our application process ensures they can stand up to the wear and tear caravans face on the road. With three different collections designed specifically for caravans, each with their own finishes and qualities, you’re able to choose the one that best meets your or your client’s needs.

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NX Laminate

Discover natural and industrial patterns designed to look and feel just like the materials they’re based on. The perfect starting point. Available in laminate sheet and plywood panels.
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NX Supermatt+2

The matt finish of NX Supermatt+2 range makes it mark and fingerprint resistant, as well as giving it a non-reflective look that will complement most designs. Available in plywood panels.
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NX Supergloss

For the utmost in elegance, our NX Supergloss range is the only logical choice. They are extremely durable and feature UV and fade resistant finishes. Available in plywood panels.
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Unique Designs For Innovative Creations


As leading caravan panelling suppliers we’re known for our unique designs. Our laminate panels are designed to help you reach your best as a manufacturer and a creator, opening up the door to innovation in caravan interior design without sacrificing the qualities you expect for caravan panel laminate. Whether you need reliable, durable laminate panelling or you’re looking to take your designs to the next level, NX caravan interior panels will deliver the results you’re after.

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Australian Caravan Wall Panel Suppliers

For years NX have provided Australian caravan manufacturers with high-quality laminate panelling and sheets. We have the experience and expertise to provide you with the laminate interior panels you need for your projects. If you’re looking for a specific type of laminate, need to order in bulk, or simply have questions about our products, our team is always available to help. Discuss your needs with us today on +613 9357 0934, enquire online, or visit our showroom for a hands-on experience with our laminates.