Caravan Cabinet Materials

NX’s range of designer laminates for caravan cabinets and panelling offers unique and inspiring visuals. Choose between laminated plywood or standard laminate sheets to achieve stunning results for your next caravan or cabinet. Our modern laminates boast high durability and versatility, allowing you to create exactly what you’re thinking of with no extra effort. Start creating engaging caravan and RV interiors with our range of European and nature inspired patterns today. View our caravan cabinet materials collection online and place your order with us today.

NX Caravan Cabinet Materials Range

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NX Supergloss

Unique, innovative patterns and UV and fade resistant finishes makes our NX Supergloss range one of our most popular choices. Available on plywood panels.
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nx decor caravan cabinet materials

NX Supermatt+2

The matt finish of NX Supermatt+2 delivers a surface that is low reflective and easy to clean. Available on plywood panels.
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NX Laminate

Designed to create a surface that looks and feels like the actual material, NX Laminate is perfect for building that home away from home. Available in both panel and sheet form.
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High Quality Laminated Panels for RVs and Caravans

Our durable caravan cabinet materials are manufactured by global leaders in laminate production. Designed to stand up to tough conditions on the road, they’re heat and moisture resistant and are able to deal with more wear and tear overall. Whether you need stronger laminates and materials to stand up to your manufacturing processes, or have clients expecting durable caravan panels and cabinets, our collection of designer laminates is guaranteed to deliver.

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Caravan Wall Panel Laminate

Our curated range of laminate designs can bring your ideas to life, transforming any space from a blank canvas into a modern work of art. Order laminate sheets for easy application on existing surfaces or choose plywood panels and remove application time completely. With NX laminate you can easily design the interior of your caravan to meet your specifications or the direction of your client.

Australian Owned Laminate Company

NX is proudly Australian owned. Based in Melbourne, we’ve been providing Australian designers, manufacturers, and renovators with unique and versatile laminates and panels. If you have specialised needs for laminate, such as bulk orders, our team can provide you with the support you need and keep you on track for your next project. Discuss your needs with us today or visit our showroom.